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Winner Winner Fromage Dinner

What a surprise! Porongurup Pure won the Agri-food and Beverage Value Add Award at the 2020 Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry Great Southern Business Awards. Well done us!! 

A big thank you to the @albany_cci for coordinating the awards and hosting an amazing evening and to the category sponsors - @dpirdwa (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development) and @smallbusinesswa (Small Business Development Corporation WA).

Heartfelt thank you to Serena Hedderich for nominating us and Helena Thu Hang for looking after Em so we could attend the evening. 

Also a 'well done team' for the best group of milkers and helpers around - Jodie and Darryl, Clare and Caz (when she makes it), also Hamish our IT, logistics and 'have you done this yet' coordinator and Kirsten, our Social Media magician. You're all seriously awesome!