Golden grilled halloumi and vegetable sandwich, Great Southern style

Here is a little beauty of a recipe from our friends Geoff and Grace at Market Grill. Thanks for a inspiration Geoff and our breakfast at the Farmers Market every Saturday.


  • Sourdough Bread -
  • Watercress or Rocket -
  • Asparagus -
  • Cauliflower -
  • Mushrooms -
  • Red Capsicum -
  • Porongurup Pure Halloumi -


  • 1 - Start with a really great, savoury bread. I’ve used local Bredco hand-milled artisan sourdough for incredible, chewy slices of bread that will make this so much better than your average sandwich.
  • 2 - For crunch, add some fresh leaves. Here, I’m going with local watercress – mild, peppery and juicy from Mosters Farm. Don’t be put off by a peppery leaf like a watercress or rocket because we’re going to add sweetness later.
  • 3 - Add earthy, grilled veggies, whatever is in season; asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, or your favourite earthy flavours; just slice thin and grill if it takes tenderising to shine. Here, I’m using beautiful oyster mushrooms from Touchwood Farm, grilled on the barbecue with a little butter and seasoning.
  • 4 - Time for a tangy vegetable – my go-to is a fire roasted red capsicum, marinated slightly, then grilled for sweetness and caramelisation.
  • 5 - Then, the hero of the dish – HALLOUMI. I can’t rave enough about this sheep’s milk cheese from Porongurup Pure – when grilled golden, it’s crispy on the outside (just as good as the crispy edges of your mum’s lasagne) but soft and flavourful on the inside. This creamy, crispy wedge of favour makes the dish, much like the boeuf in a steak sandwich, but bringing it’s own delicious character which is hard to describe unless you’ve tried it for yourself (spoiler: you’ll love it).
  • 6 - To top off an extravagant sandwich, I’ve added an ‘accidental’ secret ingredient: a sweet carrot pesto. Carrots are definitely in season as I write this recipe, and the Bathgate Farm Chantilly carrots are sweet, local and incredible around this time. Blended with a little local kale and spinach, parmesan, smoked almonds, lemon juice and seasoning, well – it really makes those sweet carrots sing. If you don’t have the time, choose a sweet style pesto and your halloumi sandwich will really hit all of the best notes. But overall, treat great halloumi like you would treat great meat: match with the best for the best outcome: think savoury, creamy, tangy, earthy, fresh and sweet.