Our Camembert is made using a French recipe which highlights the rich, creamy flavours in the milk.  The Camembert wheels have a strong curd flavour, creamy texture and soften near the rind.  Oh là là !

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Our Camembert is made using a French Normandy recipe.  The Normandy region’s cows are renowned for producing rich, creamy milk which is perfectly suited to making a flavoursome, creamy Camembert.  Our Jersey’s produce a similar style of milk to their French counterparts, which results in a semi firm, rich flavoured Camembert with a creamy texture and softening between the curd and rind.

The wheels of Camembert are a perfect size for baking.  Place in a heated oven for 15 minutes until lightly golden on the outside.   Drizzle with a little honey and fresh thyme, and serve with a crusty loaf. Oh là là !

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