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Halloumi hails from Cyprus.  It is a white, firm cheese with a slightly springy texture.  Halloumi undergoes a poaching process while it is being made, where it is poached in its own whey at a high temperature.  This creates a resistance to melting making it an ideal cheese to grill or crisp in a pan.  When cooked, it becomes beautifully crispy on the outside while retaining a soft texture on the inside.

We make our Halloumi with pure ewe’s milk which results in a light, sweet flavour.  We dry salt the cheese before packaging it which creates a mild, salty finish.

We love our Halloumi.  It’s incredibly versatile and an excellent substitute for meat.  It works well in a curry, stars on bbq skewers, adds a nice touch to a cooked breakfast and creates some of the best summertime salads.

Take a look at some Halloumi Recipes that will set your taste buds tingling.

Golden grilled halloumi and vegetable sandwich, Great Southern style

Watermelon and Halloumi Salad