About Us & Our Farm

Welcome to Porongurup Pure.  We produce a range of regionally distinct, hand crafted cheeses with milk from our beautiful herd of jerseys and our flock of cheeky sheep.

Porongurup Pure is located at the base of the Porongurup range, 13km east of Mount Barker, Western Australia.  We are a family run business which started in 2015 with a handful of sheep, a little milking stool and a big dream. 

Our dream was to milk our flock of sheep in an ethical, sustainable manner and to enhance the flavour of their delicate milk in a range of hand made cheeses. 

We have grown our herd of East Friesian milking ewes to 130 and produce a range of award winning cheeses.

Along our journey we had an opportunity to purchase a herd of jersey cows - we simply couldn’t resist those big, brown eyes and their soft gentle nature.  The girls joined us in 2017 and our goal was to produce a range of products that showcase how traditional dairy should taste: rich; creamy; and flavours that change with the seasons.

Our Jersey milk range includes bottled milk, cream, yoghurt and white mould cheeses.  

Our cheese making journey has only begun and we are continuously learning how to work with sheep and jersey cow milk.  We know that what happens in the paddock impacts on what comes out of the cheeseroom, so everything we do starts from the ground level.  Our soil health needs to be optimum to product quality pastures. Our milking girls need to be content and handled quietly to produce premium milk.  Our milk needs to be treated gently and with respect to create products that taste simply ‘Porongurup’.

Our philosophy is that ‘happy, content milk makes beautiful cheese’.  

We realised we were on the right path after a range of products won silver and gold medals and our business was awarded ‘Small Cheese Maker of the Year’ at the Perth Royal Show in 2016.

Our customers are people that love to experience hand crafted dairy products with flavour and richness.  We see people return again and again as they enjoy tasting distinct flavours that change seasonally.  

Our customers are also our best source of business inspiration.  We know that people value the glass bottles that our jersey milk comes in as for many, it takes them back to how milk used to be.  They tell us that sustainability is important to them so we are researching recycling techniques for our bottles and alternate packaging materials.  We know that how our animals and their offspring are treated is important so we enjoy telling people about our share-milking systems, so both the cows and ewes mother their calves and lambs throughout the milking season.   

Our goal is to share our products with more customers so they can experience dairy as it should be:  simple; true; content and sustainable.